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Online MBA Classes and Curriculum

William & Mary is proud to have received accolades that make its Online MBA a leader in the field. William & Mary is ranked the Number Two School for Best Business School Professors by The Princeton Review1 and the Number Six Top Public School by U.S. News & World Report.2 Students in the Online MBA program are able to connect with faculty who are considered national experts in their field, and who are featured regularly in outlets including NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Television.

The classes in the William & Mary Online MBA are designed according to the program's theme of “Renaissance Thinker, Revolutionary Leader.” Courses address enduring and relevant business themes, including breadth of knowledge, communications, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

A unique feature of the Online MBA program is its focus on a “wicked problem,” a complex business challenge with many unknown possible solutions. Throughout their Online MBA classes, students will orient their work toward solving a wicked problem they derive from their own professional or personal experiences, and the program concludes with a practicum focused on the culmination of this effort.

How Is the Program Structured?

Students can complete the William & Mary Online MBA in as few as 24 months, and our academic calendar offers three start opportunities throughout the year. All courses are presented on our completely online, engaging learning platform, which makes it easy for students to track their coursework and get lessons anywhere they are, on any connected device.

Program Benefits:

  • 12 courses
  • 1 on-campus residency
  • 49 credits
  • 7.5 weeks per course
  • Accredited the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Asynchronous classes
  • Average of 22 students per course
  • Dedicated Student Success Coordinator
  • 24/7 technical support

By focusing on one course at a time, students can immerse themselves in individual subjects and master their content. And small class sizes enable students to get to know their classmates and build lasting relationships with professors. The William & Mary Online MBA program gives students the same great “Public Ivy” education as their on-campus peers, all through a dynamic digital interface.

Year 1 Courses

The first year of study for the Online MBA at William & Mary is an exciting one for students. At its outset, they identify the “wicked problem” they'll pursue throughout their study, and the skills they learn in the first-year courses lay the groundwork for further study and can be immediately applied to real-time professional situations.

BUAD 5017: Renaissance Manager (4 credits)

This course provides a context for business, historically, functionally, and cross-culturally. It addresses the nature of problems; modes of thinking and inquiry; approaches to problem identification, framing/re-framing, and problem-solving; and approaching problems from multiple, interdisciplinary perspectives.

BUAD 5107: Financial and Managerial Accounting (4 credits)

This course introduces students to the roles that accounting systems play in various organizations and global markets. Accounting is frequently referred to as “the language of business”, emphasizing its prominent position in both business communications and decision-making. The reports derived from accounting systems are often the primary way that information within organizations – as well as from organizations to various stakeholders – is communicated. Such information provides essential input and serves as a fundamental basis for managerial and stakeholder decisions. At the conclusion of this course, students should understand the primary elements of this language so that they are able to communicate more effectively about important business matters.

BUAD 5507: Organizational Behavior (4 credits)

Organizational behavior is a field of study that seeks to understand, explain, and improve human behavior. The structure of this course is designed to explore how Renaissance Managers can improve two aspects of human behavior. The first is job performance, or the degree to which employees can perform the behaviors necessary to help the organization reach its goals. The second is organizational commitment, which is the extent of an employee’s loyalty to the present organization rather than seeking employment elsewhere. This course will guide students through a model that seeks to explain both areas of organizational behavior.

BUAD 5707: Business Analytics (4 credits)

The primary aim of this course is to supply the student with the analytical tools that are needed for success in business. The course covers various tools that are necessary to analyze and understand the implications of collected data, including statistical tools (hypothesis testing,correlation and covariance analysis, probably distributions, simple and multiple regression, forecasting), statistical decision-making, simulation, constrained optimization, and sensitivity emphasized throughout the course.

BUAD 5607: Operations (4 credits)

To achieve competitive advantage, managers must understand how to design and control products and services, as well as the systems for their delivery. To reach that understanding, this course focuses on issues of planning and control of complex products and services, as well as managing quality and continuous improvement and control of the supply chain.

BUAD 5947: Global Managerial Economics (4 credits)

This course explores the essential macro- and microeconomic theories and evidence about how markets work and the factors that hinder their execution in an applied, global framework. As part of the course, students will assess the effects of other countries’ differing monetary and fiscal policies in relation to the competitive conditions in various industries. They will also apply demand and cost analysis and industrial structure to frame and answer the questions of optimal pricing, resource allocation, global outsourcing, and competitive strategies.

Please note: Course list and sequence are subject to change.

Year 2 Courses

In their second year, students continue their journey toward a graduate degree that can help them obtain personally and financially rewarding roles.

BUAD 5307: Finance (4 credits)

This course teaches students about the concepts and tools of valuation, financial and project analysis, financial forecasting, risk and return, cost of capital and mergers and acquisitions.

BUAD 5407: Marketing (4 credits)

This course will focus on developing the integrated marketing programs that address customer needs, competitive activity, channel and supplier behavior, macro environmental factors, and market evolution. Strong emphasis is placed on assessing the market and developing a responsive marketing mix that includes product policy, pricing, channels of distribution, integrated marketing communications, and support structure.

BUAD 5227: Integrated Technology (4 credits)

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic information technology and digital fluency. Emphasis will be placed on understanding how managers can participate in opportunities to select and successfully implement information technologies in order to promote business strategy. Interactive analytic tools will be used to solve business problems involving various functional areas.

BUAD 5517: Leadership for the 21st Century (4 credits)

Leadership in the 21st century extends beyond the traditional topics of culture, networking, change management, and diversity. In a society where technologies are constantly disrupting communication and teams are becoming increasingly global, managers must be able to cope with constant change, messaging and empathy, and the powerful leadership trends that are emerging.

BUAD 5907: Strategy (4 credits)

This course covers analysis for decision-making at industry, firm, and business levels, concentrating specifically on multi-business firms and global industries. Firm resources and competencies, business and environmental demands, and the sources of competitive advantage are also major points of focus throughout the course, which stresses the practical applications of theory.

BUAD 5967: Revolutionary Leader Practicum (4 credits)

The Revolutionary Leader Practicum is a supervised business workshop that allows each student to apply the functional and design skills they have learned to the “wicked problem" of their choice. As a final deliverable, students must provide a detailed description of the problem itself, the approach(es) taken to address it, overall results, lessons that were learned, and any next steps.

Please note: Course list and sequence are subject to change.


The Online MBA residency is an on-campus residency credit in which students attend conference-style sessions to learn about core business issues in a collaborative setting. The residency component provides students with valuable networking opportunities as well. Although students are encouraged to take the residency credit in their first year, residencies are offered twice a year to conveniently fit students' schedules. More details regarding the residency experience can be found here.

Residency (1 credit)

Residencies present students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge while building a powerful network of other Mason students across all of our MBA programs. Our conference-style residency experience covers core business issues on key topics such as leadership, finance and marketing. Students will also discuss current events related to the business world and other important topics beyond the curriculum being covered in the classroom.

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William & Mary has been an esteemed university since its founding in 1693. As the second oldest national university, and one that boasts alumni including three of the first 10 American presidents, William & Mary is steeped in history and is proud to cultivate new business leaders who strive for greatness. The Online MBA program brings W&M’s valuable education to students all over the world, in a convenient format that makes attaining a respected MBA a greater possibility for more students.

To learn more about how an Online MBA from William & Mary can help you achieve your professional goals, please set up a time to talk to one of our Admissions Advisors.

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