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The Numbers Behind Our Program

Examining the Online MBA Through Cohort Data and Statistics

The professionals who’ve participated in the William & Mary Online MBA have been part of a renaissance of advanced learning. They are early adopters who are at the forefront of the business and educational landscape.

As you will see in the graphic below, our Online MBA cohorts to date have included a variety of students from over a hundred undergraduate universities and a wide segment of career fields. The story these statistics tell is that this program is one in which a variety of voices come together to develop their skills while contributing to the skills of others.

The diversity of careers, ethnicities and locations represented in the program implies that those who take part in the Online MBA will gain invaluable exposure to a varied group of peers with new and important perspectives. This exposure can surely prove helpful in their lives and careers moving forward.

Exploring the Value of Cohort Diversity

W&M Online MBA '18 candidate Lindsay Reed is quick to note the benefits of a diverse cohort. Her involvement with the program has allowed her to engage with working professionals from different backgrounds and industries, and their unique perspectives on how to apply the program teachings to their current endeavors have been an unexpected takeaway. Hear more about how she’s applying what she has learned thus far.

Education and Professional Experience


undergraduate institutions represented


average undergraduate GPA (on 4.0 scale)


VA residents


average years of work experience


William & Mary alumni

Career Industries Represented

Personal Demographics


ages 26-45


U.S. minority


total students started





NOTE: Statistics are based on cumulative self-reported W&M Online MBA Student Profile Data collected from all cohorts between Spring 2016 and Spring 2018.

A Renaissance for All Who Want to Master Business

As the No. 6 public university in the nation, William & Mary is an institution where many people may feel they could never be admitted.1 But these numbers suggest that with the right work experience, it is possible for many people to earn an education from this prestigious university.

No matter who you are, where you live or what your career might be, you can take part in the renaissance of learning, business and the world.

If an online MBA sounds right for you, read on! Take a look at how the William & Mary Online MBA can help you solve the problems of the 21st century.

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AACSB - Accredited, A+ Faculty - Bloomberg Businessweek, #6 Public University - U.S. News & World Report